At Snapfinger Woods Pediatrics we offer same day sick visits. Therefore, "walk-ins" are discouraged so we can continue to offer this service.  If your child is ill, please call so we can give you an appointment and provide on-time, quality service to all of our patients.  "Walk-ins" will be asked to wait until patients with appointments have been seen unless the visit is a true emergency such as difficulty breathing.  Any time your child is in distress, let us know so a nurse can come and see what we can do to help right away!

Check up and Sport Physical appointments are made in advance.  Unless it is "Check-up" season, (right before school starts in July and August), we can usually schedule your child within 2 weeks of your request.  We will try to call you at least 24 hours before your appointment to remind you of the day and time.

Consult appointments for new families or school and behavior problems are scheduled for 1:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. after discussing these issues with a nurse or physician.


We are happy to provide forms for school such as Immunization Records (3231), Hearing and Vision Screenings (3300), or Sports Physical Forms.  Remember that we have to have up-to-date shot records, screening tests and physicals in order to fill in the information on the forms!  Please bring forms you need completed to your visits.  There will be a cash charge to complete these forms between visits to cover the time and work involved.  We request at least 48 hours to complete most forms.  More complicated forms, such as Disability or Family Medical Leave Act Forms (FMLA), may require more time to complete. 


If you would like us to submit your charges to your insurance company, it is your responsibility to bring an up-to-date insurance card to every visit.  We must verify insurance at every visit as your eligibility can change monthly.  This request is for your protection - we do not want you to be stuck with an unexpected bill, and you will be responsible for charges that are not covered.

Please do not delay important medical care due to insurance issues.  Let our staff know so we can continue to care for you and your family.   Be sure to look at our list of accepted insurance plans with the tab on the left of the screen.


Sometimes we need help to treat or even diagnose your child.  When we refer to a specialist, we use doctors who have special pediatric training and who we know will take good care of our patients.  After your child has been seen for a problem at our office, we may provide you with a list of specialists to call for a consult appointment.  It is your responsibility to make the appointment and be sure the specialist accepts your insurance.  Once you have scheduled the appointment, you need to notify us in advance so we can get the referral to the office prior to your visit and ensure your check-in goes smoothly.